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Worcester boiler 10 year guarantee.

Boiler fitting & servicing

It is worth remembering just how much work your boiler does and servicing it is the best way to highlight potential problems before they develop into costly repairs.
During an annual boiler service, checks will be carried out to ensure it is running safely and efficiently - ensuring that it not only costs you as little as possible to run, but is not a risk to your home or the people within it.   

Sometimes a boiler requires replacement parts during a routine service. 

If you want to arrange for us to service your boiler it's good to give us as much information as possible during the initial call so we can establish if your boiler requires replacement parts. We can therefore price up these spares and bring them with us.   
If during a routine service it becomes obvious that a part is starting to become defective and may need to be replaced to prevent it failing in the future or to prevent it causing damage to the rest of the boiler you will be notified.

Any such work will be quoted to you for your acceptance and not just undertaken without permission.   

Do you need help?   

 If your boiler has broken down, repairing it could be the answer for you especially if the boiler isn't too old. Some repairs can be quite simple to fix and cost very little, others can be quite costly. On occasions it may be possible to give you an estimate of the cost of a repair over the phone, but usually it would require an initial visit for us to establish the cause and remedy. We can then contact our spare parts supplier with the details of your boiler and provide you with a free quote. The cost for this initial visit for fault diagnosis is chargeable even though the quote to actually fix it is free and without obligation.   

Replacement   If your boiler is around 10 years old or even older, it may well be worth considering replacing it. 

A new boiler can save you a lot of money in gas bills as they are so much more efficient now. I believe you "pay for what you get" when it comes to replacing your boiler. Try to get the best boiler your budget can afford. The more you spend on a boiler now, the less chance of a breakdown in the future. Whilst we will fit any boilers currently on the market (with Worcester Bosch being our preferred brand) there are boilers on the market from some manufacturers that we will not fit as they are (in our opinion) poor quality and do not represent value for money even though they are among the cheapest boilers on the market to purchase.   

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